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Getting the e2fsprogs Git tree:



Works in progress

Undo I/O manager

  • Patches submitted to the mailing list by Aneesh Kumar
  • In the 'pu' branch; needs work
  • Only use the undo manager with mke2fs if uninit blockgroups and lazy inode table init is enabled DONE
  • Don't make the undo manager bomb out with mysterious errors if the directory does not exist, or if a filesystem has previously been created and there is an undo file there. DONE

Uninitialized block groups

  • Basic support (with bugs) integrated into e2fsprogs mainline
  • Rename uninit_groups to uninit_bg to be consistent with other defined features. Retain the old name for historical purpose. DONE
  • The return value of ext2fs_super_and_bgd_loc() is not to be trusted. Document this in the source code. DONE
  • Make sure ext2fs_super_and_bgd_loc() does not get used anywhere where the return value is expected to be accurate (aside from mke2fs). PARTIALLY DONE
  • Remove lazy_bg feature from being set in mke2fs. Feature has been declare a dangerous hack by its creator, remove it to avoid people building on top of it. DONE
  • Integrate flex-bg meta-data grouping support and make sure it works well with uninit block groups
  • Disentangle lazy_bg and meta_bg features DONE

64-bit block support

i_version support:

  • Status of kernel patches?
  • No work needed for e2fsprogs except display support in debugfs

Extents support

  • Basic support in git tree
  • Eric sandeen working on ext2fs_extent_set_bmap() functionality, needed to finish e2fsck pass1b and debugfs file write support.

Nano second support

  • Check out kernel support; does it work correctly?
  • No work needed for e2fsprogs except display support in debugfs

Miscellaneous items

  • If the inode's extra_isize is less than the superblock's min_extra_isize, it needs to be fixed in e2fsck pass1.
  • The combination of meta_bg and resize_inode creates a corrupt filesystem (even in the 1.40.x's maint branch)


  • Greater than 32000 subdir support
  • Huge file support
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