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Ext4 project for Summer of Code 2008

In order to enable ext4 on grub (a popular bootloader used by most of Linux distribution), this project is to write a reference implementation of ext4 stage 1.5 for grub legacy and grub2.

Result of this project is a reference implementation of ext4 stage 1.5. Linux distribution can adopt the implementation into their grub legacy branch to enable ext4 as boot parition. It is warn welcome to merge the implementation to grub2 (with some modification) if the maintainer would like to.

NOTE: This is an ext4 project, other than grub legacy or grub2 project. Grub legacy will not merge new feature and each Linux distribution has its own branch. Grub2 is GPL3, the maintainer does not appreciate for adopting source code from Linux kernel. Therefore this project does not belong to grub legacy or grub2, it belongs to ext4 :-)

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