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General Help

For general help in editing please read Wikipedia's "How to edit a page" page. The Media Wiki Cheatsheet may also be very helpful.

Looking at other Wiki articles is one of the best ways to see how things are done. If you want to experiment, the Ext4:Sandbox page is available for this purpose.

Ext4 Wiki Editing Policies

Write with Other Users in Mind

When you write an article, keep the following things in mind...

  • Respect others. Try sticking to a neutral point of view. Respect the work of other writers. Respect your (potential) readers.
  • Even though the article is written by you, it is a piece of information others might work on later. Try to avoid personal remarks in your articles.

Naming Policies For New Pages

If you create a new page, please consider the following page naming policies. This is important to keep a persistent page naming scheme and hence to ensure that the Wiki still works well as it has grows more complex.

Page names (the links you create to point to the page) are used as the page Title. Considering these policies has the following advantages:

  • The pages will have self-explaining titles.
  • The pages are more easily found in search engines like Google.

General Policies

  • It is allowed and in fact wanted that you use spaces within your page titles; don't use StudlyCapPageTitlesWithNoSpaces, as they are hard to read.
  • The name you choose for the page should be as specific as its content will be. In other should not be possible to write another page with more general content about the topic that your page title indicates.

Specific Kinds of Pages

To sort similar pages together in the Model views, we start specific pages in defined ways. The following table shows the naming schemes for several kinds of pages...

Page Naming Schemes
Page Type Naming Scheme Example
HowTos How to ... How to get special keys to work
Problem descriptions Problem with ... Problem with PI mutexes
Patches Patch ... Patch to fix tg3 hangs

Use Semantic Formatting

Please prefer semantic formatting over beauty. To help maintaining a formatting standard, you can use the following templates.


Unfortunately, nesting templates is not possible. I.e. you can't put a cmd template inside a NOTE template.

syntax resulting output
{{cmduser|command}} $ command
{{cmdroot|command}} # command
{{cmdresult|shell output}} shell output
{{cmd|command|prefix>}} prefix> command
{{bootparm|parameter|value}} parameter=value
{{path|/etc/config.cfg}} /etc/config.cfg
{{HINT|A suggestion.}}
A suggestion.
{{NOTE|Take notice!}}
Take notice!
{{WARN|Be careful!}}
Be careful!
{{HELP|Request for help}}
Help needed
Request for help
text needing a footnote{{footnote|1}} text needing a footnote1

#first footnote
#second footnote

  1. first footnote
  2. second footnote

Use Our Editorial Templates

syntax resulting output
(Use only at the beginning of pages!)
This page is a stub

You can help Ext2/3/4 Wiki by expanding it.

{{Todo|needs editing}}
needs editing
{{Fixme|preliminary information}}
preliminary information
{{Usage|do this and that}}
(Use only at the beginning of pages!)
How to use this page

Do this and that

Additional Reading

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