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Ext4 Developer Interlock Call: 05-17-06 Minutes

Attendees: Stephen Tweedie, Don Howard, Linda Wang, Andreas Dilger, Alex Thomas, Theodore Ts'o, Suparna Bhattacharya, Badari Pulavarty, Dave Kleikamp, Mingming Cao, Jean Pierre Dion, Laurent Vivier, Jean-Noel Cordenner, Ratchov Alexandre

one on the series convert ext3_fsblk_t to sector_t type and enables >32 bit ext3 support in kernel. This series should be used as the base to re-base other 64 bit ext3 patches.

    • Action: Review patch 5-7 (sct and andreas?)
    • Review the ext3 code to see if the values on the RHS of a assignment to ext3_fsblk_t type is able to support >32-bit (Mingming)
  • 64bit-metadata: Discussed about the proposed solution.
    • Action: Rebase the 64bit-metadat patch to 2.6.17-rc4 and on top of the ext3_fsblk_t patches (Laurent/Bull)
    • Address the block group offset addressing for groups across 16TB boundary, according to the proposed solution. (Laurent)
    • Make sure the in-kernel super block fields are consistent with current e2fsprog super block (Laurent/Bull)

together with other things we want to extend in inode and 64 bit extents changes.

    • Action: Address the issue with on-disk i_file_acl is >32 bit, but in-kernel i_file_acl is 32 bit (due to sector_t is 32 bit if CONFIG_LBD) is not defined) (Badari)

sector_changes to see if they are all necessary and convert to ext3_fsblk_t correspondingly.

    • Action: Badari & Mingming will follow on sector_t-jbd, Badari will look at 64 bit jbd support in e2fsprogs
  • external patch deposit: Currently the patches are located at http://ext2.sourceforge.net/48bitext3/patches/updated-patches/patches-ext3-blks_2.6.17rc4/ Once Ted init the cvs deposit for ext2 project on sf, we could move the patch series to cvs on ext2.sf.net.
    • Action: For folks who want to have access to cvs tree on ext2.sf.net and don't have account on sf.net, please create one and send to Ted.
    • Ted is going to check if cvs service is enabled for ext2.sf.net project.
    • Don is working on open a wiki page on one of the fedoracore website, and will send out a follow email.
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