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Ext4 Developer Interlock Call: 12-6-06 Minutes

Attendees: Mingming Cao, Suparna Bhattacharya, Jean-Pierre Dion, Valérie Clément, Shaggy, Takashi Sato, Eric Sandeen, Linda Wang

  • Preallocation patches
    • submitted by Amit Arora, implement the creation of the initialized extent, using ioctl interface.
    • The part of recognizing the initialized extent is written
    • Still need part of writing to the preallocated extent.
    • Amit has also written changes to e2fsprogs to recognize the preallocated extent
    • Currently will keep the ioctl interface and see of there are comments on the mailing list.
  • Big Block Group patches
    • Ted and Andreas have commented on Valérie's patches, they are concerned about not being able to allocate a contiguous range of blocks for the allocation bitmaps.
  • Currently all block group descriptors are stored in the first block group. The current 128 byte block group size limits the filesystem size to 256 TB.
    • The big block group patches will extend the maximum filesystem size limit
    • An alternative is to move the block descriptors, so the the filesytem size is not limited by the size of the block group. Metablock groups may could be used in the solution
  • Alex Tomas posted delayed allocation, multiple block allocation, in kernel preallocation, and block reservation patches last week.
  • Takashi has updated the defrag patches to support quotas and will look for comments on the mailing list.
  • Wiki: the ext4 wiki is at ext4.wiki.kernel.org; we will start adding to the wiki and keeping it up to date.
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